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Salyers, Robert Earl "Biggin"
Samons, Jr., Tecumseh B. "Jay"
Sanford, Richard Lee
Scaggs, Susie Bell McKinzie
Scaggs, Jr., Jimmy Dale
Scaggs, Sr., Jimmy Dale
Scott, Neida J. Blackburn
Scott, Ruth Louise
Seagraves, Earl Michael
Short, Cheryl Kay
Sias, Helen Marie
Sias, Clara Smith
Simmons, Jerrell Lee
Sites, Shirley
Skean, Ernestine
Skeens, Edna Pearl Hayslip
Skeens, Bertha Hayton
Sloan, Bobby Dale
Slone, Barbara Kay
Smith, Earl
Smith, Alma Pinson
Smith, Spencer Gauge
Smith, Christopher Terry
Smith, Barbara Jane Urban
Smith, Garry R.
Smith, Edward Lee
Smith, James Thomas "Jimmy"
Smith, Alfie Leon
Sowards, Sharon Ray
Sowards, Jr, Floyd Jay
Spangler, Ann Catherine Danyo
Spence, Donald Hamilton
Spence, Jr., John Harvey
Sperry, Charlotte Rolee
Sprague, Opal Bellomy
Spry, Betty Delois Money
Staley, William Terry
Stanley, Eunice Mae Call
Staten, Charles Edward
Staten, Nancy Sue
Staton, Betty Haubrock
Stewart, William Richard "Bill"
Stewart, Jimmie Lee
Stewart Perry, Gloria Jean
Stone, Arbutus "Boots" Faye Napier
Streets, David Keith
Strickland, Relma
Stump, Maxine Porter
Stump, Jr., Elmer Elsworth
Sturm, Nellie Marie
Sullivan, Carolyn Sue
Sutherland, Beulah Quertermous
Sutherland, John Raymond
Suttles, Jon D.
Swink, Donna J. Staley
Sykes, Laura G.


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